Tactical G700 Flashlight – Advanced New LED Light!

Tactical G700 Flashlight – Durable And Long Lasting Military LED Flashlight!

Though there are many flashlights in the market, but here in this article we are going to tell you about the most durable and highly functional flashlight which is Lumitact Tactical G700 Flashlight.

Known as the “toughest flashlight” in the market, LumiTact G700 is classified as military grade, but it can be used by anyone who is looking for a robust flashlight. Whether it is appearance, outer design, material or performance, Tactical G700 Flashlight is considered as the best from all aspects.

Here are some of the best features of this high performance tactical flashlight.

  • Durable: Unlike many other flashlights available in the market, tactical G700 Flashlight is made of aircraft aluminum which makes it the most durable flashlight. Thus, if you are looking for the long lasting flashlight then LumiTact G700 is the best option.
  • Lightweight: Along with the enhanced performance, this flashlight is designed to have light weight. Made from the aircraft aluminum, this flashlight can be easily carried no matter where you are going.
  • Perfect size: The size of this most durable flashlight is just perfect- less than many other flashlights, but not much small. What’s more amazing is that you can adjust its length according to your handling comfort. It can be adjusted up to any point between 5.1” to 6.18”. And its width from the widest point is 1.37”.
  • Changeable focusing beam: It depends on your requirements that how you want the flashlight’s beam to focus. And for meeting your requirements, Tactical G700 Flashlight is designed with adjustable focusing beam.

The available options are:

  •  Zoom * 2000
  •  Zoom * 1000
  •  Zoom * 500
  •  Zoom * 250
  •  Zoom * 1

For a wide focus, you can choose the first option and for narrowing it you can choose any other according to your needs.

  •  5 Pre-Set modes

For enhanced functionality, this flashlight provides you five preset modes that you can select according to the situation. These modes are:

  •  High
  •  Medium
  •  Low
  •  SOS
  •  Strobe

Tactical G700 Flashlight has amazing benefits

First three options are simple, but SOS and Strobe are the special preset options in this flashlight. As these modes come with different sprinkling type beam, you can select them for making indications.

  •  Energy efficiency

You will be surprised to know that this LumiTact G700 uses only two AA batteries. Despite of its high performance, it is only dependent on two batteries for giving you the best experience. And what’s more, its energy consumption is also low. Thus, you are not going to have swap out batteries after single usage.

  •  Price and Discount

The actual price of this flashlight is $224.45 which is not much for its extremely advanced features. Despite of its affordable price, you can get a discount of 75% if you buy it now. Yes, you have heard it right. Now, you only need to spend just $56 for buying this amazing flashlight.

And if you buy it in bulk then you are going to save more money.

With the highly advanced features, LumiTact G700 is worth buying flashlight.

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